Earth Pressure Coefficients

Developer: Rey Villa, M.S., P.E.


This is a web app for geotechnical engineering that calculates the following lateral earth pressure coefficients for granular soils that are required for a geotech to perform retaining wall design:

  • Active earth pressure coefficient, Ka (Rankine & Coulomb)
  • Passive earth pressure coefficient, Kp (Rankine & Coulomb)
  • At-Rest earth pressure coefficient, Ko (Mayne & Kulhawy)


Wall Inclination, β (degrees)
Soil Friction Angle, φ (degrees)
Backfill Angle, α (degrees)
Wall Friction, δ (degrees)
Overconsolidation Ratio, OCR

Retaining Wall

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Coefficient Rankine Coulomb M&K
Active (Ka) -
Passive (Kp) -
At-Rest (Ko) - -